About Cavite House and Lot
"In the real estate business you learn more about people, and you learn more about community issues, you learn more about life, you learn more about the impact of government, probably than any other profession that I know of."
by Johnny Isakson

   Cavite house and Lot is owned and operated by Ernest Siegfrid Celestino. Cavite house and lot is established in
2016 while Ernest has started his real estate career in October 10,2010. Profriends Inc. was his 1st developer which honed
his skills and now sells house and lots in Cavite from different developers such as Masaito, Axeia, My Citi Homes, Peakland Properties,
Charles Builders Inc. Elanvital Land Inc. and Enduraland Inc.

   We here in Cavite House and Lot is offering affordable house and lot in Cavite that our client can loan thru Pag ibig, In House and Bank Financing.
We Believe that every Filipino family deserves their own house and lot that they can call their own and cater their needs and their children's childrens needs.
We also aim to be the first real estate marketing company that will comes to our future buyers mind when looking for a house and lot in Cavite.

We here in Cavite House and Lot has 7 missions;

1. Fullfil and help every Filipino family in achieveing their dream in having their own house and lot in Cavite.
2. Guiding our buyers in purchasing a house and lot that will suite their needs and budget.
3. Answering every questions and problems that may occur during or after purchasing their own house and lot.
4. Giving our best and heart warming costumer service upon purchasing and turn over of your house and lot.
5. Developing from a buyer to friend relationship.
6. Honesty is our best policy.
7. Honoring God.

Ichariba Chode
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